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Artisan Food Law provides artisan and small-scale food producers with easy access to important law and practical help.

We keep you up to date with news and developments on legal and policy issues faced by artisan and small-scale food producers and help you make sense of things. You will find here:

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My name is Gerry Danby. I am a lawyer committed to supporting artisan and small-scale food producers. Sharing stories about people doing great things to put good food on our tables also fosters an appreciation of the journey food takes and an understanding that a sustainable food system cannot exist in a factory.

Gerry DanbyMore than 22 years working in the public sector, 10 years as chief legal officer of one of the largest metropolitan authorities in England, provided me with a knowledge and understanding of the legal and regulatory framework within which artisan and small-scale food producers must work.

As a past director and chair of Slow Food UK and a member of the board of directors of Slow Food International, it struck me just how high a mountain it is for an artisan or small-scale food producer to climb in getting to grips with the complexity of legislation and regulation governing the production and sale of food.

I have been privileged to meet many artisan producers across Europe and beyond. Artisan and small-scale food producers face a disproportionate regulatory burden. Many are exasperated by the impenetrability of food law but cannot countenance paying exorbitant legal fees. Artisan Food Law offers a unique online legal resource to help redress the balance.

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